Busy bee

I seem to get my best work done on sick days. Today I’ve:

– made a billion maintenance requests to my apartment management company (none for the first time, ahem)

-sent a bunch of work emails, including one about my miracle discovery of a receipt I thought I’d lost forever

-signed up for student health insurance

-signed up for amazon student

– bought all my books for next semester (!!!!)

– canceled an old credit card I haven’t used in 2 years (I just need bigger spending limits at this time in my life, eeurrrgh)

– opened a new savings account at all my coworkers’ favorite credit union, which will do my taxes for free next year

– applied for a job, which I’m feeling good about because it’s with my current job’s partner organization, doing much the same as I’m doing now, except part time and for twice as much an hour

– called yet another bank about a mystery account on my credit report, which turned out to be a non issue.

Now I’m waiting on my car, which is getting an oil change, sitting In a nice cozy tea shop and sipping ginger peach oolong, which is doing nice things for my nausea. Next I’ll call my little sister for a career talk, buy some new hand soap, and drop some stuff at work. Whew!



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