beach spontaneity

Steve and I took a pretty darn spontaneous trip together! This is an accomplishment for me. To quote the brilliant Mitch and Cam analogy from Modern Family, it is often the case that he is the gas pedal and I am the breaks.

Except then the analogy breaks down, because Steve is really Phil from Modern Family. Like… gymnastics. Puns.

Anyway. Spontaneity. It means stopping for gas and then noticing the boiled peanuts stand at the gas station (oh, South <3)


And buying treats! Gosh boiled peanuts are fun. And SALTY!


Just a hop, skip ‘n a jump later and I was strolling along a sandbar.

DSC04812 DSC04813

There was Spanish moss EVERWHERE once we strolled downtown. It is so pretty! It’s funny, I lived in Virginia for a long time and I’m only one state down, but there are surprising variations in the flora and fauna


Here: Spanish moss (by the water), crepe myrtle, a tree my roommate said was called “pinks” (I think.. it’s actually red), bluebirds, three week lead time on spring and summer produce

There: crocuses (which I miss so badly when I’m here!)

We spent a lot of time just strolling around, which was great. When I’m at the beach, all I ever want to eat is seafood. This place looked cute.


Steve’s beach rule is outdoor seating, so this place had everything our heart desired.


I often feel disappointed in myself for not liking beer. Beer tasting and local breweries and different varietals… it’s all my kind of thing! I wish I just liked the taste of beer!

Anyway, Steve got this Red Oak. I had a taste and it was good… for beer.


After drinks came important dinner implements!


For this bucket of awesome right here!

It contained:

– Alaskan King crab
– local clams, steamed
– local oysters, steamed
– Shrimp
– Cocktail sauce
– Melted garlicky butter


IT WAS SO GOOD! I think it was the first time in my life I’ve ever had king crab?! Other than the fake stuff in sushi, naturally 🙂 I was amazed at how delicious it was!


To round out the meal and attempt to get in some vegetables, I got a grilled Caesar salad. It was good, although there was so much seafood my appetite weakened and I ended up giving a LOT of this to Steve.


That, despite the fact that when we opted to split a seafood platter… Steve also got a burger on the side.

Bless this kid’s appetite. (Okay, okay, I had some of those fries).


After a post-dinner stroll along the water, admiring Pacey’s restaurant some of the sights (and petting some adorable dogs), our stomachs rallied for a shared Kilwin’s cone. This seems to’ve become our signature: a waffle cone (don’t usually bother paying for a waffle cone but when you’ve smelled Kilwin’s you have no choice but to get it) with one scoop of New Orleans pecan praline and one scoop of salted caramel.



That evening, we spent the night at our first ever Air B and B! The people were really nice/normal, and had a cute cat, and had Netflix hooked up to the tv where we stayed so we could watch a few episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It was fun and convenient and cheap and NOT SKETCHY, MALINDI. (My sister loves sending me articles about people inadvertently renting out their houses for orgies on Air B and B)

The next day we went to Dixie Grill, everyone and their mama’s favorite place for brunch.

DSC04829 DSC04830

I loved the bacon artwork, but it was very hard to photograph.

DSC04834 DSC04835

Steve went for it and got shrimp and grits with an egg on top and a biscuit on the side. I had just a few tastes, because I was uncharacteristically restrained on the appetite front, but it was great.


And I had a simple meal; scrambled eggs, grits (that were so, so good) and fruit.


Then we had to go play in the sand a little more.


Steve read on the beach. I tend to get really, really bored and need to wander around on the beach (but the wandering around is wonderful). Oh and also, prolonged intense sun exposure (like on the beach) often ends up with me having a headache and feeling sick to my stomach. Which is why I associate staying in beach houses with throwing up. (On the other hand, once I do I feel fine immediately. It’s like the sun gives me food poisoning?)

Speaking of being ill, I actually spent the entire weekend with rough seasonal allergies on top of a really sucky cold. At a certain point in the spring (my theory is that) my immune system just gets so overwhelmed with its overreacting to the pollen around me that it just goes berserk and I come out in rashes along the seams of my clothes. It’s disgusting.

My traveling pharmacy was absolutely absurd. 



3 thoughts on “beach spontaneity

  1. Wilmington is where Australia and the United States had a baby. It is fun! Fun, Fun! I loved this trip. Next time, we’ll have to pay homage to the Pour House or try a camping trip at Carolina Beach. Also, there’s an island not too far away where alligators roam and the sunrise and sunset sing their anthems for those who are willing.

    Thanks for documenting this voyage. I really enjoyed the rich tableau of life that comes from these parts.

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