the girl who didn’t cook

I went from Thursday lunch to Monday breakfast without having to cook a single meal. It was amazing but bizarre, and not something I’m itching to repeat anytime soon. I like to cook. I like to cook! Mostly.

Basically, I started running a camp today and had a great big apprehension-a-thon. It seemed inescapable. Spoiler: it was warranted, as today (during my eleven hour workday) I had a series of minor to moderate disasters.

Step by step. One day at a time. (Well, as I told Steve yesterday, one minute at a time sounds less daunting).


Thursday dinner: cheesy fries at a work happy hour. Oops? I didn’t consume a single alcoholic beverage, but I ate like a drunk girl! Then I rounded it out with some ice cream at home. Grade F on the nutrition. But it was at Linda’s, everyone and their mama has told me since my move to NC that I must try the Linda’s cheesy fries. They are quite tasty. Crinkle cut with cheddar, bacon, and green onion with ranch dressing for dipping.

Friday breakfast: tomato, egg and cheese biscuit. Unsweet tea. I didn’t know “unsweet” was a word til I moved to the South. This place has the most delicious iced tea I’ve ever had. I don’t know what they use! I did know I loved biscuits before I moved to the South. But they are even better here! C. Protein, at least. Biscuits are not nutritionally impressive but at least I adore them.

Friday lunch (at 3 pm… it was that kind of day): hummus and veggie wrap. It was hilariously huge. The girl behind the counter strained to contain everything in an already enormous wrap. So I only ate half. And I didn’t eat the wrap. And was still full! (It had tons of veggies and globs of hummus and slatherings of dressings). Solid A meal. Something I’d make myself. I also stopped at CVS for their grapefruit fizzy water, which is my current fizzy water obsession. And a Little Debbie walnut brownie, of which I heroically managed to only eat half. And I bought a homeless guy a Mountain Dew because it was very hot outside.

Friday dinner: AMAZING TAPAS! Steve took me out for a fancy dinner for really no reason whatsoever except to make me happy, because he’s awesome. The work week melted away as we took in a lovely ambience, excellent people watching, and luscious Spanish food. At the amazing Mateo, we ordered:

SPANISH deviled egg, chorizo (2)
[The deviled eggs arrived encased in a chorizo shell. I ate the innards but passed off that tub o’ meat to Steve… I’m trying really hard not to eat pig. Too smart and cute.]

crispy chickpeas with moorish spices

mussels, chorizo, piperade, roasted tomato butter

shrimp, olive oil, garlic, chili, lemon, parsley
[HOLY GARLIC! I love garlic :D]

We also got an an amazing and gorgeous beet salad that involved a whippy goat cheese and a mint-pea puree and finally a chicken croquetas special that we got for free when they ran out of the special we really wanted, a grilled local corn doodah.

And I got a glass of tempranillo that was probably the best wine I’ve ever tasted. It was also fourteen years old, likely making it the oldest wine I (a devoted Trader Joe’s shopper) have ever tasted! On the other hand Steve said it tasted like “old bitter grapes” so to each their own, eh?

No nutriton grades for this one. Too amazing an experience, and it would be lame and reductionist to quantify it as anything else.

Saturday brunch: First stopped at the farmer’s market where Steve bought me a peppermint-ginger lemonade from my favorite lady. It’s really more like a tea; she doesn’t make it with any sweetener and you really don’t need it, though it’s nice with a bit. After ogling al the market beauty, we got hole in the wall Mexican. Chips and salsa (though Steve tends to dominate that category and I sit back a bit). Scrambled eggs in green chile sauce, rice and beans. Tortillas on the side, so good (because so fried). Side order of guacamole. Cafe con leche that turned out to clearly be steamed whole milk with a bit of Nescafe stirred in that I couldn’t drink much of but found comforting. Nutrition perhaps a C, though I did skip basically all of the white rice. Fun venue for World Cup watching! (Steve’s joke: “What did the dishonest FIFA referee get for Christmas?” “COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!”)

Saturday randomness: After doing some work (Steve was nice enough to help me shop for and haul around random camp materials) we did more World Cup watching, via bar hopping! First to Top o’ the Hill (a Chapel Hill landmark) for drinkies- I had something with gin and lemon and simple syrup and prosecco that was nice but I thought would’ve been transcendent with lavender. Then we went down the street to Old Chicago and I had a Diet Coke and Steve and I split an appetizer that was a grilled cheese and tomato panini cut into little fingers to dip into a so-called “tomato soup” that was more of a creamy tomato sauce. So fun and different to spend a lazy Saturday that way! And it was lots of fun to watch Costa Rica win. And then the defeated Uruguayan player took off his shirt and I said, with absolutely no conscious thought beforehand, never mind any notice of my sweet boyfriend next to me, “OH MY GOD, LOOK AT HIS BODY”. D on nutrition (not an F because the cocktail was small and in a champagne glass and I shared the sandwich. Portion control!)

Saturday dinner: The lake! Friends were camping at Jordan Lake, which I discovered was SO BEAUTIFUL and SO CLOSE! Beautiful pine trees and water- took me back to my inland Northwest roots.Knowing the kind of work week I had coming, I didn’t want to sleep in a tent but wanted to hang out, so we splashed around in the water with our friends’ hilarious kids and then cooked out. One of the guys in the camping contingent made broccoli on the grill that was uh-mazing. Just crisp-tender, and seasoned with garlicky things so that it was almost Chinese food reminiscent. And I ate cheddarwurst, which had been enthusiastically purchased by my favorite Midwesterner And some cherries and grapes and veggie straws. And a LOTTA chips and a fair amount of mini cookies. C-.

Sunday brunch: Egg, cheese, and avocado sandwich on three-seed local whole grain bread. The bread alone bumps this up to a B+. Though the place was giving out banana pudding sample cups!!!! So I had to eat one, thus lowering the nutritional value of the meal 🙂

Sunday dinner: Another cookout, with Steve’s neighbors. Another hot dog. But also awesome salad with strawberries and feta and a chipotle corn kinda potato salad and broccoli slaw. And uh some chips and dip. C+.

And now I’m back to the real world (though fortunately for my sanity this camp life will ultimately only be four weeks of my real world).

If you had the money to eat out every day, would you? Where?


One thought on “the girl who didn’t cook

  1. If you had the money to eat out every day, would you? Where?

    Panjeer Afghan on Route 7 in Falls Church!

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