fun things lately

In no particular order:

1. I had the greatest, crunchiest doctor’s appointment of my life last week. Fun fact: the birth center near me also provides primary care! I spent awhile before the appointment joking around with my girlfriends that I’d go in, sit on a beanbag chair, drink tea, and chat about the wisdom of the universe (all with no speculums in sight). While it wasn’t quite that much of a love-in, it was pretty amazing how pleasant it was.

My appointment began in a serene lobby. Per their request, I arrived a bit early to fill out my new patient forms, and was amazed at everything they entailed. Family history, yadda yadda, but also, “How is your living situation?”, and “Are you in a relationship? Do you feel safe in your relationship?” It asked whether and how often I exercised, but also what forms I enjoyed. It was so amazingly comprehensive! Mind-body wellness! After a few minutes, the nurse greeted me, took my vitals, and gave me an envelope with a customer satisfaction survey to send in at the end of my visit. More impressiveness!

Then my doctor came and chatted with me (face to face, interacting with me like another human being, without me having to wear a gown yet while she was in professional clothing) and she spent such a wonderfully lonnnnnnnng time with me! We went over my history, then ended up talking about the graduate program I’m doing next year. She gave me a book recommendation, and noted that a transition to graduate school can be stressful and they offer referrals to lots of different mental health providers. Also, she said my BMI was great, and for that alone I could have hugged her. She talked through some health history stuff and gave me (boys, look away) wonderfully encouraging information about my ability to have a lil baby someday! (Someday. Not now. SOMEDAY.)

At no point did I feel rushed, and at no point did I feel like my doctor was impatient with me and rolling over my words. Actual quotes from doctors I’ve seen in the past: “Why would you want to go off that pill? It works, doesn’t it?”, “I knew you probably didn’t have lupus. I just wanted to make sure you were scared enough to come to your next doctor’s appointments”. Ugh.

I know this blog contains the word “crunchy” in the title, and I want to state explicitly clearly that in NO WAY means I am opposed to Western medicine. People who are opposed to vaccinating children make me SCREAM. If I am dealing with a serious health problem, I will try to follow a healthy diet but I will also sure as hell go to the doctor’s office. However, I find it absolutely GLORIOUS that I can get a comprehensive medical experience (I left with two prescriptions for medication that I’d already been taking but for which I felt I had a new understanding of mechanisms, interactions and side effects) and at the same time be treated with basic human kindness.

Also, I totally (someday, maybe, if I do have kids) want to give birth at a birth center. One because I felt so reassured in the medical expertise of the staff at this center, and secure and happy in the knowledge that I finally had a medical home where people would truly know me as a patient. Two because I get scared of the cascade of interventions that happens at birth and would love to be in an environment that would support it happening without all those frightening shots and things. And three because I think if I were in a hospital I’d wimp out and beg for an epidural 😀

2. I hate most food/healthy living blogs now; they are all sponsored rubbish. Sad.

There are also some I’m starting to feel like I’m harming myself with reading. Either because they are all sooooooo packed with sponsored posts and affiliate links that reading them basically feels like watching the commercial breaks in a TV show without ever getting to the actual episode; or they espouse frighteningly stupid nutrition/health advice in the guise of speaking from a place of wisdom and experience. And people buy it. Because the aforementioned bloggers are thin. Then of course hate-reading has its own world in Get Off My Internets and though I sometimes need to check in to satisfy my snarky side, I can’t and shouldn’t stay long.

Anyway, moving on to positivity, here are a few good blogs that I am enjoying reading.

Eating Chalk is a new obsession of mine (ironically because she did a guest post in a blog that jumped the shark awhiiiiiile ago). Love her blog because she inspires me to be a real RD right now but also because she’s a sugar addict just like me and isn’t all preachy about nutrition.

Too Hottie for That Body is ostensibly a weight loss blog except lately she’s just been talking about how awesome she is just the way she is. And RIGHTFULLY SO! I’ve really enjoyed following this gifted writer’s journey through student teaching.

Vanilla Sugar Blog for my dessert fantasy life.

Choosing Raw not for the raw and vegan recipes, lovely though they look (I just think bread and cheese would get jealous if I cheated on them… so just in case I won’t). However, her weekend reading series and beautiful musings on self acceptance and perfectionism and life decisions and everything are just… wonderful.

Meals and Moves got famous at the same time as all those other big food/lifestyle bloggers but has actually managed to remain a likeable, non-sell-out person. The pictures from her doggy daycare birthday parties are amazing. (She’s posted like two. They were so great they have lingered in my mind). Also, her family seems really cute and relateable, and she’s pregnant right now and is sharing stories in a fun and likeable way (unlike many other I Am The First Person Ever To Be Pregnant bloggers).

3. Finally, a few more fun things on the Internet.

Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel:

I was not a big Billy Joel fan prior to my coworker sharing this. Sadly, I now have to eat my past words. That is awesome.

Dogs Annoying Cats With Their Friendship:

Kills me. I love cats. And dogs. And every animal ever.

35 Times Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak’s Best Friendship Killed You In The Heart:

How did I not know this?! I live for possible celebrity romances!

The Overprotected Kid:

Fascinating. I wholeheartedly agree with this article’s sentiments.


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