My baby sister finally came to visit me in Carolina! I hope she makes many more trips, preferably soon.

She arrived late on a Friday, and we chowed down on tons of sushi at the reliably delicious (and buy-one-get-one-free) Mount Fuji in Durham and collapsed into bed shortly thereafter.

Saturday included a trip to the farmer’s market and a jaunt around Hillsborough, my cute favorite small town to visit with all the cute quirky home and clothing shopping one could hope for. Also Matthew’s Chocolates, obviously.

Then it was time to partayyyyy. Not only did I have my sister coming, I’d already promised (before her visit was even finalized) a farewell party for my work buddy Andrew. He proclaimed Mexican food to be his favorite, and also admitted a penchant for cheesecake.

Menu was pretty awesome!


I kept my plans for food realllllllllllly simple, because who wants to be slaving in a kitchen when you could be showing your little sister around town? I ordered taco meat (chicken and beef) from my favorite taqueria and the platters were reasonably priced, more delicious than anything I would’ve made, and effortless. Just picked ‘em up an hour before the party. Also came with salsa, the green tasty and fresh and the red DIABOLICAL!


Sauteeing plantains in coconut oil was simple and yummy.


There were muchos chips (with Steve’s super awesome homemade pico de gallo, a batch of which he did sin cilantro because my sister hates it, which I thought was very thoughtful) and I made a big pot of yellow rice using a Goya box (in my defense, I opted for the low sodium version).


Everyone raved about the guacamole which, I kid you not, I bought at Food Lion. Apparently a lot of things you do not need to bother with making homemade!


Totally made queso from the Velveeta recipe! Just a pound of processed cheese and a can of rotel. Not sure how I feel about myself…


Did make homemade cheesecake squares, based on this recipe, enhanced with a touch of lemon zest just for funsies. They were boss. I should’ve chilled them longer, though, as the crust was a little crumbly with just two hours chilling.


We played a nice game of Celebrity/Fishbowl/Namesies in a Hatsie (depending on how and where you learned it) and I thoroughly enjoyed introducing my sister to most (though sadly not all, so she’ll have to come back again) of my wonderful Carolina friends.

The highlight of this social gathering, as of most lately, has been my friend Alex and Myra’s delight of a new puppy, Lochsie the doxie. Specifically, Lochsie the miniature daschund puppy who’s so tiny and perfect and sweet I can’t even.

Here are many many attempts of taking a picture of her, aided by my beautiful sister:

DSC04875 DSC04876 DSC04877  DSC04882

(Lochsie gives ALL THE KISSES!)

So all that effort and I didn’t really end up with anything visible. Trust me, she’s cute.


What followed was a pretty epic night on the town. My subdued, somewhat nervous coworker really comes alive when you put a few drinks in her! The night started with her commanding everyone to do a shot of tequila, and continued in a hilarious manner from then on. Reason #8023058235708235 I’m happy to live where I am is that you can walk to lots of fun places and don’t have to worry about cars and alcohol. On the rare occasion I imbibe- I promise that is not a fact of which I regularly take advantage 🙂

We lived it up at the heavenly garden area at Southern Rail, which is positively fairy-tale-esque with its Christmas lights and oak trees and music and things. [Sidebar, Malindi, Amanda confessed to me at work on Monday that her friend Jon totally wanted to lure you away for a private tour of the lake. SCANDALOUS!]

Anyway, after what felt like thirty seconds after Malindi’s arrival, it was time to see her off. After a quick Sunday brunch I popped my baby sister on the bus. She had better come back soooooooon!


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