As I mentioned a few posts ago, I went home for a super speedy visit a few weekends ago. It wasn’t a holiday or a special occasion or anything- and maybe that was the point! It’s so nice to hang out with the fam with no agenda.

My sister and I took a springtimey walk on my favorite W and OD trail and saw a big deer party.


My mom nicely treated us to a grad school celebration dinner at Busboys and Poets. This was my first time sitting in this section of the restaurant- loved the mural!


As always, it was packed. Lots of people watching- there were some extremely adorable babies.


We split the vegan nachos as an appetizer. WOW they were good!


First of all, the black eyed peas were inspired! So meaty. Second of all, it was my first time trying Daiya cheese, which I know all the vegans rave about. It totally tasted like CHEETOS!


My mama got the seared tuna and bok choy, both of which were awesome.


My sister got the creatively-presented shrimp and grits.


And I got my favorite vegan tuna salad! Apparently this is a big vegan thing but Busboys and Poets was the first place I ever had it, and now I keep going back for more! The salad involves chickpeas, vegan mayonnaise, pickle relish, and all sorts of yummy little crunchy bits. It is SO GOOD! I fantasized about the Busboys and Poets sweet potato fries but in an unusual moment of restraint I got a side salad instead.


I took home basically half of this meal (see the nachos above to figure out why!) and then left it in the refrigerator. Arrrgh. Malindi, Mom, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it.


My last trip home was for Greek (F)Easter. That’s a post in and of itself, but this post will provide an all important Scottie update. This is Jasper, named for my late grandfather. His life has become a bit trying since his bossy little sister came home.


Can you even with his cute furry face?

So exhausted. I rubbed his back for a long time.


This is Alice. She is a delight! Despite her bossiness.



My auntie and I spent a lot of time hanging out on her heavenly porch.


I worked hard on various important projects.


Jeanie was kind enough to get me some takeout sushi at her business lunch earlier in the day.


And gave me these incredibly awesome bunny chopsticks to use.


Miso soup (for which my allergy-wracked throat was deeply grateful, since I was on the way to sing at the Good Friday service), salad with yummy ginger dressing, and one each shrimp tempura and spicy tuna roll.


Sushiiiiii.This was good stuff. The shrimp tempura had really good asparagus, and both had a nice, low rice ratio. I hate the cheapo places that give you no filling and tons of flavorless rice.


Sushi in the golden hour. The porch view is uh-mazing. Someday when I’m a grownup I want my house to look like this.



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