eats lately

I ate this magnificent dinner two nights in a row.


It involved:

– lentils, sweet potatoes, and rice, cooked up with salsa. The rice was an amalgamations of several sets of leftovers from meals out (one risotto-y with herbs, one mujaddary-y with onions and lentils, and one Mexican-y with tomatoes and spices)

– lotsa avocado

– queso

– fried egg on top.

I seriously can’t think of when I’ve felt more satisfied (that’s what she said).


So I typically really like tuna and tuna sandwiches but I went awhile without eating tuna. Then, I was craving a comfort food tuna noodle casserole. I made a bunch (intending to eat leftovers for a few days), and found myself more and more disgusted by it as it cooked on my stove. I choked down a single helping and then flung it in my freezer.

Fast forward a few weeks and I wanted to deal with it. Plus Steve was coming over for dinner and he encourages my cooking experiments. So I decided to thoroughly disguise the tuna noodle spinach creamy casserole by thawing it, mashing it up with eggs using a potato masher, breading it with breadcrumbs, and making croquettes! End product looked like this:


So they were baking away in the oven (just greased a broiler pan and sprayed some olive oil spray on top of them) and I was attempting to do an online kickboxing workout.

And then the smell of tuna wafted through my apartment and I thought I was going to vomit/pass out.

I hid in my room and buried my face in the pillow.

But then rallied, and made a nice Sriracha mayo to complement the flavors of the croquettes. (Well, complement for Steve. Disguise for me.)

It ended up being pretty successful.


Rounded out the meal with some lovely fresh asparagus, sauteed in olive oil with salt.


It was even pretty on the plate. I daresay this looked like an amusing Muppet-esque face.


And Steve LOVED it. Which is good, since the thought of reheating these things and smelling them made me feel queasy all over again, so I sent them home with Steve.

No, I’m not pregnant.


Speaking of Steve, he cooked me a really great meal lately.

I began by slicing this seed-licious loaf of bread from Weaver Street market.


Meanwhile, Steve was cooking up nummy eggs (also from Weaver Street Market, where you can get eggs from chickens who live 20 minutes away).


Both were designed to accompany this wonderful sweet potato- squash- okra- corn soup. Perfectly spiced- gentle heat!


Molly wanted some real bad. (That purple thing behind her? I don’t know if it was once a Teletubby or what but man all that dog wants to do- other than beg for human food- is yank that toy out of my hand.


We sat down to beautifully plated soup, artfully sprinkled with toasted pepitas, with a perfectly fried egg on top.




Plus some delish red wine.


And a salad with parmesan, eggs, and strawberries, dressed with olive oil and lime.


(fun fact- the strawberries were ever so slightly still frozen. It really livened up my first bite of salad!)

Annnnnd that wonderful bread, toasted with generous Steve portions of butter on top. 





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