crunchy happenings

Truthfully I felt for a bit that talking big about crunchiness in my blog title was a bit of a sham. I was driving to work in my (fairly fuel efficient but still combustion-engine powered) Camry, alone, thirty minutes each way, each day. I was turning to fast food (agh!) for like the first time in my life, plowing through milkshakes (agh!) on the all too frequent occasions that stress compelled me. I was vegetating in front of Netflix every night in exhaustion. And loving on the crap-packed, ostensibly “fortified” packaged foods too much.

Fortunately, I now have a job where I take a free public bus back and forth to work nearby. OR walk. Walk! Happily, crunchily walking home from work is so much easier and more pleasant now that spring has (knock on wood) sprung.

Blossoms everywhere…



Referred to in cheeky street art (there’s this abandoned building that people have turned into basically a public outdoor art space. I love it so much).


(I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees)

When I walk around the neighborhood, along with having houses I deliberate stop by because I know I have good odds of encountering a friendly, pet-able dog or cat, I also have a number of places where I can visit chickens.


On the one hand, I love walking close to the coop because I can see the hens up close and they make those charming burbling noises. On the other hand, I feel totally dishonest and shady because they just want me to give them snacks.

There are also deer everywhere again. There’s nothing inherently crunchy about living in a neighborhood with deer… but I love living in a place where it feels like I’m at a summer camp in the woods.


More crunchy activities:

1. I started oil pulling.

Persistent yellow stains on my teeth from when I had braces (particularly on my left front tooth), plus sometimes jaw pain from grinding my teeth at night (bad!), plus me buying into the totally anecdotal data about allergies improving, plus evidence that coconut oil is indeed antiseptic= trying oil pulling.

Was trying to do before and after pictures so I could track my progress but… all pictures of teeth look like pictures of teeth. Here is a picture of my teeth.

day 1 post 3

2. I TRIED HOT YOGA! The story is that I was researching yoga options after taking a wonnnnderful class while home with the family. I found a local studio that has $5 classes every Monday (!!) and convinced my roomie to go with me. However, I was wicked nervous about the whole thing- I felt like hot yoga was like yoga only more hardcore. Fortunately, my bestest friend Lydia answered the phone when I called in a state of panic, and talked me down, reassuring me that actually the benefit of hot yoga was that it makes you more flexible than you normally are! Which, indeed, it did. I found it challenging but enjoyable. The instructor was this perfect little yoga hottie in her sports bra and leggings and I felt some real angst and discomfort about my body, but I decided that it was probably a healthy feeling to sit with and think about. A yoga studio is probably one of the safer spaces one can use to work through your history of body angst.

3. I’m continuing to try to make natural deodorant happen.

Brand A:

toms deoderant

Pros: smells like delicious apricots, does a pretty good job of preventing stinkitude, goes on clear, good ingredients.

Cons: I found it at a random thrift shop in Winston Salem and don’t know of any non-expensive stores that sell it here. Also, I just thoroughly cleaned my room and can’t find it.

tjs deoderant

Pros: I can find it (it is on top of my dresser, where the stupid Toms stuff should be). Sold at Trader Joe’s.

Cons: Makes me smell like something curled up and died in my armpits. I can’t understand it. It smells fine in the stick, and there’s nothing inherently horrifying about my armpits (or so I hope; anyway, it hasn’t manifested itself with any other deodorant) but it is just not doable.

Recommendations of aluminum-free deodorants welcome!

Now, I must do a DIY indoor arboretum project with my roommate, and finish boiling dried garbanzo beans on my stove. Both true. Ta ta!


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