home is where the heart is

My heart manages to feel at home in many places.

Here in lovely Carolina, where the people are friendly and everything is cheaper.

In my hometown of Spokane, Washington, where I fly in to the airport and look down at the pointy mountains and deep lakes and evergreens and feel something wonderful and peaceful happen to my heart.

And, this past weekend, staying with my mama and my little sis. How can I count the ways it was wonderful? Listening to my mom happily wandering around the house singing Greek hymns and Debussy compositions. Remembering the taste of Korean spicy tofu soup, a flavor that sums up Northern Virginia as well as anything else. Laughing hysterically with my little sister as we do impressions of our father, who seems to be clinically unable to talk about anything other than his dog, the weather, and Obamacare. Doing YOGA for the first time in ages (a gift from my mother at the fantastic studio where she goes) which in a single class convinced me that my sanity, back, and abs require me to investigate some local yoga options. Strolling on my favorite trail as an endless stream of families with adorable babies walk by. Going to church and singing prettily in the choir with my pals, exchanging knowing looks with my sister when the tenors, as usual, seem hopelessly lost.

Seriously, thank God I have all this love in my life. Thank God I live somewhere pretty and peaceful, and so healthy for me and what I value right now. And for Steve, who told me to drive straight to his place when I got back to NC and then fed me his delicious invention of Hawaiian tacos (seared pineapple, mm) and then told me how much he missed me. Thank God my dear family is a relatively painless four hour drive away, and are so wonderful to visit with and talk with and laugh with. And thank God for secure attachment, as the psychologists call it, which means I get to go out and see the world and try new places and new things but still feel like there’s this love and safety I get to walk around with everywhere I go.


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