I was all excited to write a post proclaiming that spring had sprung, winter was gone, and it was all sunshine from here on out. And now there’s freezing rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow’s HIGH is 32 degrees.

So, whatever. Here are some things that make me happy about spring-ish-ness-maybe.

First, hiking! Erin, who did Americorps with Steve and I back in the day, was on her grad school spring break and visited NC. Here she is looking charming at the top of Hanging Rock, a hike near Winston Salem.


Sweet views.


But I ended up with CRAZY VERTIGO! It’s funny, because I’ve done the rock scramble up Old Rag and thought I had a pretty good hiking tolerance, but these angles totally messed with my head. We were speculating how the designs in the rock ended up so fluid looking- could they have been carved out by a glacier?





Another thing I like to do when spring (ish) arrives is go for long walks. I’m deeply, DEEPLY missing having a pet. I firmly tell myself that my apartment is way too small and boring to keep any animal happy. Still, I wander the neighborhood petting random people’s pets.


Steve has opted to name this Siamese “Mac and Cheese”. Goof.

Finally, picnics! I’ve actually had a few picnics lately. Many of them have escaped photos, but this was a great one that I captured.


Number one awesome thing about this picnic was that it was on a weekday, and any fun dinner on a weeknight feels extra indulgent.

Number two awesome thing, it was just my roomie and I, so we could eat totally girly food and not worry about it being stick to your ribs filling.


The meal consisted of Waldorf salad (left over from a 1920s themed potluck), celery sticks with yogurt dill sauce and smoked salmon (mm!), and cornbread.

Alli contributed the wine. I contributed the Samoas!


Finally, another example of al fresco dining necessitating mention is Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen. Any locals know that it is absurd that I have not mentioned this establishment before now.

So here it is. A Sunrise biscuit. Lovingly eaten in a parking lot.



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