beautiful wilmington

Wilmington, North Carolina is a very very fun place to visit.


Let me recount the joys the boyf and I took in.

First, I think Wilmington is the perfect distance away. When traveling, I think it’s satisfying to spend a certain amount of time on the open road, registering the fact that you are LEAVING your ORDINARY ROUTINE and going on VACATION! However, from the Triangle, Wilmington is also a relatively brief 2 and a half hours. That means that you don’t have to take leave from work, and can leave Saturday morning and come back Sunday afternoon and feel pretty balanced.

Second, Steve and I arrived during a spot of traffic, and learned when pulling over that Wilmington has DAZZLING thrift shops! The one we popped in on had an enormous selection of clothes and jewelry scattered haphazardly in front of their storefront that were all $1. I bought this fab ring and a few other things.


Then, we hit up the aquarium. Anyone who’s read this blog for awhile (or has met me) knows I have a slight aquarium obsession. This trip was particularly fun because we met up with my cousin Elisabeth, her husband Carl, and their cutie pie four year old daughter Melina there.


Then, because it was in the mid-sixties (in the end of February. Yknow. Because North Carolina has the best climate ever!) we went for a nice long strollsie on the beach.

The beach we went on our first day was at Fort Fisher, around the corner from the aquarium. Apparently people aren’t supposed to swim there because the tides are dangerous. Watching them hit the rocks was gorgeous.


Self portraits!

 DSC04448 DSC04449 

Another one by a fun tide pool!


And the boyf, taking it all in.


There was a pretty small crowd on the beach. That couple had the most adorable teenage dog.


And a man with a fancy camera was photographing the adorable sandpipers.


They really are dear little birds. They always look busy and slightly preoccupied.


Before we went to Wilmington, Steve talked a big game about doing a polar bear plunge. I’m pleased he changed his mind and didn’t get hypothermia. Sticking a toe in was plenty cold.


We balanced on stones and watched waves crash in underfoot.




It was a wonderful day at the beach.

After (somewhat) rinsing the sand out of our shoes, we met Elisabeth and the fam once again for dinner at Dock Street Oyster Bar.




(Steve ordered that Mardi Gras shrimp special. WOW THAT WAS A GOOD CHOICE! I had plate envy).

Naturally, we had to start our meal with some oysters. Steve and I split this appetizer, oysters with stuff on ‘em. (Not what they actually called it :D) I am actually kind of an oyster purist, so I let Steve eat a bit more of this fancy stuff.


Wilmington in the evening. ARE WE STARTING TO SEE THE DAWSON’S CREEK SCENERY, GUYS? (Don’t worry, we’ll talk a lot more about the fact that I was walking the same streets as Pacey Witter. Don’t worry.)


Fast forward to the next morning in our purdy B and B.


Our room was gorgeous!


My one disappointment was that Steve had gone out of his way to get a room with a clawfoot bathtub in the bathroom because I’m so obsessed with awesome baths… and then it totally didn’t work! The plug didn’t plug and the hot water ran out almost immediately. I mentioned it (politely) as we were checking out, and the owner was all, “You should have just come down and knocked on my door! There was just an ornamental plug but if you pulled the lever and then there’s the backup water pump in the closet and blah blah blah” WHY WOULDN’T YOU TELL US ALL THIS STUFF WHEN WE CHECKED IN?! AND HOW DID WE KNOW YOU WERE AVAILABLE FOR QUESTIONS AT TEN THIRTY AT NIGHT?

Anyway, it was still a nice place. And had an INCREDIBLY COMFY bed on which I slept like a CORPSE! I’m not sulking that much 🙂

Plus, we got to enjoy a breakfast by candlelight in the beautiful dining room



Breakfast in multiple courses. Talk about classy.



The breakfast entree was this fab cranberry-almond french toast.


Okay now let’s admire some pictures taken along the river walk in Wilmington that were TOTALLY PICTURED ON DAWSON’S CREEK AT SOME POINT PROBABLY.


I kept trying to find the high up bar from which Abby fell to her death in Season 2. And I couldn’t. It was sad. Abby was an awesome secondary character and I wish they had kept her around.

The natural beauty there is lovely.


There were lots of pretty old buildings and alleyways in which to duck and meander.



I took the pictures of this boutique entirely for Lydia. LYDIA THIS IS EMILY HOWARD’S BOUTIQUE, RIGHT?! (If any of you other readers happen to be Little Britain fans, right on. Right on.)




The inside of the cute little tourist trappy downtown market.


More Riverwalk views.

DSC04506   DSC04510

Ice cream. As second breakfast, or possibly elevensies. Steve and I split this, and in all honesty it was actually our second trip to Kilwin’s… we went the night before too 😀 They make the most amazing homemade waffle cones that make the inside of the shop smell like heaven. This was a double scoop: salted caramel and pecan praline. I mean come on.




Then it was time for another fun day at the beach! Wrightsville Beach, this time.


Complete with nutso surfers/paddleboarders. No thanks.


Nature’s pedicure. It was like 74 degrees on our second day there. Such a treat to get to wear shorts and stick my toes in the sun when so many are still suffering in the throes of winter.


Fun nature and people watching on the pier.


And cool visuals beneath.




I was standing right about here, while Steve was kind enough to retrieve the car since I’d been using my shoes to hold the seashells I’d gathered and didn’t want to walk back barefoot and yada yada he’s a nice guy I’m rambling.


So I was standing right here and saw DOLPHINS! And then Steve pulled up and I said DOLPHINS, GET OUT OF THE CAR RIGHT NOW! And we both got to admire the dolphins. But since everyone knows that it’s impossible to capture a moving animal in the water from many many yards away (as anyone who’s ever tried to take good pictures while whale watching can attest) you’re just going to have to trust me.

Sunshine is so great for the soul. This was such a lovely lovely getaway.


Last stop before hitting the road was lunch. We stopped at the cute King Neptune.

An attempt to get vegetables in my system, since they’d been a bit lacking, ahem. Steve and I split this.


Steve got this newborn child sized sandwich.


And I did the damn thing and got this platter. The flounder was meh but the shrimp very good and the scallops excellent.


2 thoughts on “beautiful wilmington

  1. Love it; I will send this to a niece who is moving there in the fall…her husband to be will be at hospital there. Miss you in choir!

  2. Let’s go back in the summer and you can lead a ghost tour! With the earnings we could get 4 scoops of ice cream and a repeat visit to Dock’s. Nice post, Zinkerbelle. I loved reliving the trip.

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