storm after storm

Since Winter Storm Number 92837839382923 is beginning at the moment, I thought it was an apt time to chronicle how I’ve been enjoying the other nasty weather.

This has become a common sight:


Which is to say, teleworking, monitoring, and eating oatmeal.

This has become another common sight:


The breezeways in North Carolina are an absolute godsend in the summer. However, in the winter, they mean that snow blows into the hallway directly outside your apartment. It’s disconcerting.

We’ve started a slightly irresponsible but exceedingly fun tradition of going to my neighbor Nick’s to veg out, watch movies, and drink a bit more than is advisable on weeknights during these winter storms.


By far the highlight so far was when Steve disappeared in the middle of a deluge, insisting he wanted a Subway sandwich, and returned on skis.


I take any opportunity I can get to eschew regular meals (which again, is sort of a poor decision). This right here represents my ideal midday experience:


Kale chips, hot chocolate, and crosswords.

Or, for a bit of variety, artichoke and mayonnaise and hot chocolate. Noms.


I made Steve a more well rounded meal- I’d made some oven-friend tofu earlier in the week (since I had leftover paprika spiked breading from oven fried chicken) and used it, a good amount of salsa, and some cooked kale to make Steve some pretty awesome tacos.


Steve reciprocated by making me a delicious snowy day dinner.

Amaaaaaaaaaazing grilled cheese sandies.

DSC04357 DSC04358

And soup!


With more avocado, because I WANT TO EAT ALL THE AVOCADO. It’s really doing it for me this time of year.


Note that I have taken to wandering my apartment wrapped in a blanket. It feels right.



See? Another blanket, along with Snack Heaven Lunch.


That glow in the background demonstrates the tons of snow outside.

The bread and cheese is left over from a getting into UNC celebration dinner at Oakleaf, probably the best meal I’ve ever had. Amazing food, and beautiful and elegant but somehow simultaneously rustic and comfy atmosphere.

This is yummy bread, and a variety of delicious cheeses with local honey drizzled atop. I could eat this every day. I love bread and cheese so much.


Now that I’ve chronicled all the nice coziness, I’ll show you the totally depressing statistics the electrical company has so kindly included in our bill. Our bill is more than four times as high as it was in October. I mean COME ON THAT IS DEPRESSING.



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