Upping the fun in one’s life

My dear friend Andrea, who does a lot of opera singing and a lot of babysitting, introduced me to this clip, which she shows to children and dies laughing at herself.

I challenge you to not love it.

Other things that have been adding joy to my life lately:

Listening to show tunes on Pandora. My coworker (who has a lovely voice) has a tendency to play things like “People Will Say We’re in Love” on her headphones and adorably sing along. It made me realize that I would probably enjoy a showtunes Pandora station and- yep! I do!

Slight sidenote: I saw the 2009 revival of West Side Story when they were previewing it in DC, and it was amazing. I loved that they added Spanish, and thought the use of a different language completely revitalized songs I was otherwise not nuts about (I Feel Pretty, A Boy Like That). I thought Josefina Scaglione was an absolute revelation as Maria. And Anita was awesome too. The only thing I didn’t love was their semi-bizarre reinterpretation of Somewhere as a solo sang by a little boy who I guess was supposed to be, like, their future child? Didn’t care for it. My all time favorite is Tonight, which is stuck in my head right now. This is the kind of joy you get when you listen to show tunes while working.

The other sidebar is that my mother, even like just after she got divorced and I’m sure only had so much in the old discretionary budget, took me and my sister to see plays and musicals. For this, I am eternally grateful. And we both got good SAT scores, so the investment was worth it!

End tangent.

On the fitness front, remember how hula hooping was an event in our Olympics party? Well… I still have two hula hoops in my apartment! I have taken to coming home from work, putting on some jams, and hula hooping, sometimes alone and sometimes with a friend. It is super fun and relaxing and I have a sneaking suspicion it will someday give me abs of steel. If so, I will write a book entitled Eat Whatever You Want and Exercise When You Feel Like It and Do Some Hula Hooping When You Get Home From Work and Be Really Hot.

I wish I looked this awesome while hula hooping

Another fun thing I recommend doing is taking day trips. The other weekend, the weather was too iffy for hiking or other outdoor pursuits, but my boyfriend and I were bored with the usual scene and didn’t just want to watch movies all day. And then, awesomely, we came up with the same idea, and drove to Greensboro.

Naturally, our first stop was brunch, at a place thoroughly raved about on Yelp.


This place was faaaaaaaaaaaaaab!

We both opted for the 2 Farm Fresh Eggs combo. Affordable much?


While we excitedly waited for our meals, we admired the pig-themed decor. Fun times.


I knew seeing other people’s meals go by that the biscuits were big but HOLY TOLEDO.


Here are my attempts, using my hand for scale, to convey how absolutely, even ridiculously, enormous this biscuit was.


Both for scale and as a reflection of how delicious it looked.


Having such a large canvas on which to work (the eggs and grits weren’t skimpy either) I took advantage of the condiments selection. Tip of the hat to Smuckers for not putting high fructose corn syrup into their blackberry jam. I ended up enjoying that so much that I skipped the apple jelly, though it nonetheless intrigued me.


I also didn’t bother with the butter, since this is an unedited photo of the biscuit when I ripped it open. Yeah, butter flecks much?


As for the eggs, I had to try this sauce with them.


Because, as I read on its label, despite saying “Old England” at the top, despite having a castle on it, it was in fact invented right here in Greensboro.


It was pleasantly tangy with the eggs. Steve tried mixing it with his sausage gravy with his biscuit… yeah, not so much. He’s an innovator, though.


At the conclusion of the meal, this is what my plate looked like. yes, I know it appears that I did not really eat anything. That is a reflection of portion size, believe me. Understand that I waddled out of the restaurant with what I did fit in my stomach.


Next on the agenda was the Greensboro Science Center. It was a blast. Were there adorable otters? Yes, there sure were. Did we get to watch their educational enrichment for the day? Yes, we sure did. The keepers put mealworms inside of hollow gourds for them and the otters had a blast.

There was also a two headed turtle. CRAZY! I have mixed feelings about zoos, but think it is safe to say that this guy would not have had the most fun in the wild. They named both heads, Gem and Ini (get it?). Apparently they had dueling personalities. Let’s all pause for a moment and think about how the world would be if we had to share a body with our siblings.

By far the best part of the day for me was seeing the tigers.


I had never in my life been this close to a tiger before. The tigers were freaking BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeously muscled bodies, expressive faces. I’m actually seeing more tigers today, but that will be another post.


On our way out of town we saw the name of this establishment and decided we had to stop there. It was the CUTEST!


They had a siiiiiiizeable selection of board games, but we decided this one was a must.

I also got some really good fair trade tea to enjoy during my board game.


I was initially aghast when their character cutouts didn’t include Creed, my favorite.


But then victory! We found him! Steve had already said he was Dwight, though, and I thought it would be slightly weird if we were both “playing” dudes. So I had to choose between Creed and Kelly.


Anyway, after all the buildup, the game was pretty baffling to understand, and our parking space was only supposed to be for 15 minutes. So we didn’t stay that long, but it made for a delightful change of scenery.


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