I am going to be extremely modest and state that I hosted the most fun party of all time this past Saturday.

We feted the 29th (!!) birthday of my beloved Steve with a staggeringly awesome Olympics-themed bash.


How do I begin to chronicle the delights of the evening?

Costumes were certainly stellar. My roommate Ali and her boyfriend Jason went above and beyond, first decking themselves out as, respectively, a figure skater and competitive swimmer; then looking up the names of the Croatian delegation and faithfully portraying them for the remainder of the evening.


The birthday boy himself, entirely unsurprisingly to anyone who knows him, decked himself out in Sweden-ness.


As for the events… oh, the events. Steve planned a wide variety of games. Some of my (awesome) new coworkers came, and I heard one of them remarking, “Yknow,, I thought there would be more drinking involved.” I asked, “Is this okay?” and she went, “No, this is so much better!”


Here are some event pictures (uh, please notice that despite not having many events specifically focused on drinking, there was still a generous amount of alcohol involved)

Hula hooping (the boys were AWFUL!)


Who Can Keep Their Foot In A Bucket of Ice Water the Longest (an event in which I did NOT participate and in which I instituted a random end time so no one got frostbitten). I love Jason’s meditative face in this picture, and Andrew’s grimace.


By round 2, a lot of people figured out how to keep themselves warm.


By far the most amusingly titled event was…


Get it? Get it? PUTIN ON THE RITZ! (Look up the old song)

People got blindfolded, spun, and then verbally guided to the above poster, on which they were trying to affix a small cutout of Vladimir Putin (in honor of the Russian-hosted Olympics)


Russia was also represented in the form of vodka infused Jello shots.


Please note the hard work done by Jason to make the old Soviet Russia flag in the shots’ design.


Atop my American-flag-beach-towel table here were also Moscow mules (ginger beer, lime, and vodka), and Swedish meatballs for the birthday boy.


I also made homemade spanikopita, for which I apparently only bothered to photograph the absurd number of onions it contained.


Annnd my aunt’s delicious speciality, which I have copied to great success twice now, baked brie in puff pastry. This time with raspberry jam on top. You MUST serve it with granny smith apples.


And our friends Alex and Myra brought a GIANT SWEDISH FISH! They went above and beyond and purchased a fish mold so they could melt a bunch of Swedish fish and form this beauty:


And of course no birthday is complete without birthday cake. I took the lazy route and used a chocolate cake mix, but was pleased with my decorating.


Here is the man of the hour, digging in.



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